Gonaria Breidenbach

born 1961

Photography is my passion.

I used to take analogue photos and developed them myself as a teenager (my equipment is still stowed in an old box in the attic), but nowadays I use digital cameras.

Off all my lenses I prefer the 50 mm lens. With this lens I have to do a lot of walking to find the right angle. This slows me down and allows me to see things better and it also trains my eye.

Additionally I experiment amongst other using vintage lenses, fun-lenses like the Lensbaby, old filters which create surprising effects and scanography.

But as the best photo is worth nothing when it's only sleeping on the computers hard disc, my printer is my most important "assistant".

To work with all the different papers and canvases, to feel the textures and to learn about their different effects on the prints and to finally hold the finished print in my hands after some hours of working on it - that's a real moment of happiness to me.

And only when the picture hangs on the wall, nicely framed, the process which started with a simple click is finished.